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We know the systems that win - consistently. We know the systems that lose - those to be avoided. We know the systems the bookmakers like. And more importantly the systems they don't like! We have a retired bookmaker in our team. He knows the bets they dislike but will reluctantly accept.

We are able to check out all gambling systems. We only supply those systems which can be shown mathematically to put the odds on the players side. The systems offered here are the best of all we have tested (thousands!)

We have a good team here and are always happy to give personal help and advice. We also have a powerful computer program that can make very clever plans and perms for lottery, multiple bets etc.

These are the best Lottery systems, Football systems, and Horse Racing systems we have found.

A Lottery System was winning so often in New Zealand it was BANNED

Lottery Systems

The Banned Lottery System. It was winning so often in New Zealand it was Banned!


Lottery System X. The Key to Winning the Lottery by a Computer Programmer and a Mathematician

A scientific method of winning from a Computer Programmer and a Mathematician

The Atlantic Plan for the UK Lottery. A devastating Lottery System. Free with System X and the Banned Lottery System

Health Lottery System A brilliant new system for the UK Health Lottery.

Irish Lotto System Get regular wins playing Irish Lotto at the bookmakers. Now with new Spreadsheet.

The Atlantic HL Plan A new version of the Atlantic Plan for the Health Lottery. Free with the Health Lottery and Irish Lotto package.

Football Systems

The Forecaster X Draw System. There is a pattern in football matches that makes some some matches more likely to draw than others!

The Secret Fixed Odds System. There is a flaw in the bookies fixed odds coupons. They don't want you to know!

The Half Time/Full Time - A Brilliant Mathematical System from an expert in Fixed Odds Betting. Now with new Spreadsheet

The XS Doubles System. Very clever strategy that wins throughout the season

The Corscore System Correct Scores - One of the Best Bets on the Football Coupon!

The Book of Secret Bets An ex bookmaker reveals the bets the Bookies would like to ban, including the Bet they fear most!
Now with new Spreadsheet.

Horse Racing Systems

The Income for Life Racing Revolution has won every year since 1981. One of the most consistent systems ever published

The Fibonacci Plan Based on an almost magical sequence of numbers. With an incredibly successful Staking Plan and Race Selection system

The Top 4 Flat Racing Systems - All have made big profits every year

Converging Factors - A brilliant betting system based on maths, probability and logic. A unique approach to finding winners

The Investment Plan - A System Experts shows his genius with this Horse Racing System

Target 125 System - A great system using online betting. A 50 point bank has now grown to over 800 points

Impact-Laying System - Very clever System that makes money from the Betting Exchanges

Prospector System - Makes big profits from high priced winners - by a System Genius!

Greyhound Systems

The Winalot - A Greyhound System with 80% winners, long winning runs and big profits throughout the year

Greyhound Global A greyhound system that can be used profitably anywhere in the world

Miscellaneous Systems

Special Factor Plan A brilliant Staking Plan from one of the greatest System Experts, It will turn most losing runs into a winning run

The Link-Bet Staking Formula Maximise profits from short priced selections. FREE with our Racing packages

Risk Free Betting Risk Free Betting. Get a Guaranteed profit whatever the outcome

Casino Systems

Beat the Wheel - A Roulette Fanatic spent seven years analysing roulette. He knows which systems win

Blackjack - Beat the Blackjack Dealers We reveal the full method that will give you a winning edge!

Fruit Machine Secrets - How to Cheat and Beat Fruit machines. See how professional players make £1000's

Electronic Roulette Machines are not random. If you know the pattern you can take a lot of money from them!