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Special Factor Staking Plan

The Special Factor Staking Plan

The author of this system is one of the greatest 'System Experts' we know of. He used to write a weekly column for the Raceform Handicap Book under the pen name Abacus.

The Author explains:
"The 'Special Factor Staking Plan' was first published by me in 1978. It is still working as well as ever with only minor changes since it was first issued. The plan has two objectives:
a. To defeat the long losing run which ruins so many betting systems, and,
b. To safely increase the size of the stake you are presently using (and therefore your winnings)"

To achieve this you can continue to use your present selection method and your present staking method (plus the Special Factor rules) - WITHOUT INCREASING the size of your present operating bank. The principles of the Special Factor Plan can be applied to any selection method.

The plan is not limited to horse racing and can be used for greyhound betting, football and fixed odds betting etc.

THINK ABOUT IT. You have an idea that, initially, looks promising, and winnings begin to accrue. Then along comes the dreaded long losing run and takes all your winnings and your operating bank. At the same time, do you not regret that when you do have a winner that you did not have more on it - because you are fearful of the long losing run coming along.

How would you like to place higher stakes on your selections (playing up the winners!) without having to worry that any long losing run will ruin everything. With the special factor staking plan you will achieve this.

You will be shown exactly how it works and how to apply it to any staking plan. You will also receive a detailed analysis sheet showing results from a set of 50 fictitious bets (not a particularly good set of results). The bet is on the forecast favourite and it produced 15 winners from 50 selections (about the average) and shows a level stake loss. Within the sequence of 50 bets there is a consecutive losing run of twelve. This demonstrates how the Plan works. The results are then applied to the basic staking plan and you will see that after bet no. 45, the operating bank and any winning have been completely lost.

The rules of the SPECIAL FACTOR PLAN are then applied to exactly the same set of results and you will see that the plan survives the losing run of twelve and goes on to make a big profit.

The Author: "This plan will revolutionise your betting - as I said at the beginning it worked in 1979 and is still working just as well today with only minor changes to update it. This plan will give you a new insight into successful betting.

I can promise you that if you use it, you will win regularly. Over the years I have published several successful betting systems. I consider the 'Special Factor' plan to be the best thing I have ever produced."

Originally sold at £30. We can supply it in full for only £7.95