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ATLANTIC PLAN for the UK Lottery

This lottery plan is devastating. When we first read the circular describing it, we thought - impossible. But when we received it and checked it thoroughly we could not fault it. We even showed it to a bookmaker to see if he could find a flaw. He couldn't.

It seems incredible that you can cover 16 numbers, and if 6 come up, you are a GUARANTEED WINNER.

The first week we put it into operation although we only had 4 correct out of the 16, we still had two winning lines. One containing three numbers, and one containing four numbers, which paid out over £80.

The Atlantic Plan works brilliantly with System X. Together they make a very powerful combination.

This clever plan is not just for the UK National Lottery. It can also be used on many other lotteries.

So we are offering it FREE to purchasers of both Lottery Systems.

Get System X and the Banned Lottery System at the discounted price of £15.90 and we will include the Atlantic Plan free of charge. You can download it now and the password will be supplied with the two systems.

The systems are also available on a CD by post (UK only).