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The System the New Zealand Lottey commission banned. What they don't want you to know.

An Australian Lottery Expert has been banned from selling Lottery Syndicate Systems by the New Zealand Lottery Commission. A company going by the name Lottomasta Consultancy Services has been warned off further operations in New Zealand by solicitors for the New Zealand Lotteries Commission. In their letter to Lottomasta Consultancy Services they state:-

"The Commission requires Lottomasta Consultancy Services to cease New Zealand syndicate operations immediately. Should it fail to do so, the Commission will immediately effect all legal remedies at its disposal".

Basically they are saying "Stop your Lottery Service now or else!" So what is this Lottery system that has the New Zealand Authorities so worried?

After months of investigating we have now discovered it! This system is amazing. The very reason it was banned was simply because it was winning too much money far too often! The New Zealand Lotteries Commission letter went on to say:-

"The Commission will not regard any lottery tickets purchased by or on behalf of the syndicate as a valid prize winning ticket. Any ticket purchased by or on behalf of the syndicate will be deemed to be void and not eligible for any prize. Those tickets may not be cancelled and will not be replaced".

(i.e No Refund!)

Included with the Banned Lottery System is the record breaking Plan/Wheel System that covers all 49 numbers and guarantees 3 from 6 every time!

There are more plans included in the system. We used a powerful computer program to produce some very effective and economic plans:-

    Cover 14 numbers in just 5 lines
    Cover 18 numbers in just 12 lines
    Cover 21 numbers in just 13 lines
    Cover 24 numbers in just 20 lines

    All the Plans in the Banned Lottery System can be used on any 6 ball lottery, including the UK 6/59 lottery, except the 163 line 6/49. This can only be used on a 6 ball lottery with 49 numbers.