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A 50 point bank has now grown to 800 points Income for Life Racing Revolution

Income for Life Racing Revolution - Yes, it sounds a bit over the top! But we have researched this system and can verify the results.

Every year since 1981 it has made a CLEAR PROFIT OF OVER 150 points, betting level stakes. This is an impressive record, covering over 3,000 selections. Never more than one bet a day, it has produced 3 winners from every 4 bets.

With such a long history of success and no long losing runs, we are confident this system will continue to perform into the future, year after year.

To quote the Inventor of the System:

" I didn't just stumble on this system by accident. My greatest ambition has always been to try and reduce the hazards of betting to a bare minimum. After years of practical trial and error I have developed a superb technique which gives one that vital edge, and the maximum chance of winning"

The Full Results confirm what the Inventor has said.

The system can be operated from most UK daily morning papers, the Mirror, Mail, Express, Sun, the Star or the Racing Post. No calculations are needed, and no lists to follow

This System can only be used for UK racing, all year round, Flat and National Hunt.

The Inventor was charging £100 for this System. We can supply it in full for just £7.95