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Target 125 Racing System

The Target 125 Racing System

HERE'S A REAL 21st century system for switched-on bettors who are willing to place some or all of their bets over the internet.

At Bannedsystems we have been using this system ourselves for the last 3 years with tremendous success. We thought it was now time to release this System and make it available to all who want to use the internet to make their betting profitable.

But first, a little background information...
For many years, one problem all horse-racing bettors have faced is the uncertainty about the odds they will be getting at the time they place their bet. In most races, all bets have traditionally had to be placed at SP.. Punters wanting to know exactly what odds they would be getting about their selection were limited to a few high-profile races on which the bookies offered early prices.

But in the last few years, internet betting has brought about a mini-revolution fur punters - Many online bookmakers offer prices on a far wider range of races than high street layers. And even more significantly, betting exchanges such as Betfair now offer punters the opportunity to bet on ANY race at fixed odds.

The Target 125 Racing System is designed to take advantage of this. Because any horse can now be backed at a set price with an online bookie and/or a Betting Exchange, it is possible to work out in advance exactly what returns you will get if your horse wins, and set your stake accordingly. The system can be used on Flat, National Hunt and All-weather racing in the UK.

Selection Method
The system requires you to back one horse a day. To minimise the risk of long losing sequences, the selection method finds fairly short-priced selections with the best possible chances of success, excluding any in which there appear to be significant risk factors. The Selection Method is fully explained. The selections can be found quickly and easily using the Daily Mail or online at the Racing Post website. The system can be used on all UK horse racing. We have never had a long losing run since we started this system 3 years ago.

Staking Method
The staking method is based on winning a set target profit from each sequence of one to five bets. Each sequence ending in a winner (the great majority) will deliver a net profit of this amount, taking into account any previous losers in the sequence. A large betting bank is not needed. We started with just a 50 point bank. By putting all profits back into it this bank has now grown to over 800 points!

We have a new spreadsheet for the staking plan which makes it very easy to calculate stakes.

We really like this system. It takes only a few minutes a day to operate, does not need high stakes or a large bank, and makes consistent profits!

We can supply the full system for only £7.95, available as a download or file attachment by email, or printed manual by post for £8.95 (UK only)