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Spreadsheets for Football, Lottery and Multiple Bets

We are developing spreadsheets for some of our systems. This makes the systems very easy to use. It is not essential to use a spreadsheet and all our systems are easy to use. But a spreadsheet does make it easier, especially with staking plans and multiple bets.

If a multiple bet wins it can be quite complicated to calculate the returns. Even bookmakers get it wrong! We know of some bookmakers who were grateful to have the spreadsheet supplied with the Book of Secret Bets. They were not able to settle the bets without it!

We have a spreadsheet for the Irish Lotto System which does the multiple bets and also indicates what numbers to bet on!

The spreadsheet for the Half-Time Full-Time Football System is a great help because it does all the calculating and money-management for you. And eliminates any chance of a mistake.

The spreadsheet with the Book of Secret Boots makes all the bets so easy to use and to calculate winnings.

We have just completed a spreadsheet for the new Health Lottery System. It shows you which numbers to use and you can enter the results later and see at a glance the winning numbers that you have.

We also have a spreadsheet for the Secret Fixed Odds System which makes the system very easy to use and calculates the returns from winning bets.

There is now a new spreadsheet for the Target 125 Racing System.

You do not need to know anything about spreadsheets to use them. Full instructions supplied. Not essential but recommended. You need to have Microsoft Excel on your computer to use a spreadsheet. Excel is part of Microsoft Office.

A good free alternative to Microsoft Office is the free Open Office suite of programs. This has a word processor, graphics, database and a spreadsheet program (Calc) that will open Microsoft spreadsheets. This is highly recommended if you do not have Microsoft Office. Get it here.