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Maria Lay Staking Plan

The Maria Lay Staking Plan allows you to choose selections of odds up to 10 to 1 but controls your liability. Essentially it is staking a small proportion of your betting bank in relation to the odds of your selection.

There has been a lot of hype about this system because a lady called Maria was apparently able to turn £3000 into £100,000 in less than a year using this staking plan. In 2005 this young lady began a thread on one of the betting forums and charted her daily progress. Starting with £3000 in less than a year she had increased this to over £100,000. Unfortunately she did not reveal her selection method. She said that her father had 'connections' within horse racing and could get inside information.

Her strike rate over the period was 85% with average lay odds of 6-1. This would have given a good level stake profit so it would not have been difficult to increase this with a sensible staking plan. If her strike rate had fallen below 75% she would have made a heavy loss.

So we do not know her selection method or indeed if she did have access to privileged information. A good selection method is crucial to any kind of system, whether it be backing or laying. The winning Strike Rate is of paramount importance. If a system is making a heavy level stake loss then no staking plan can turn that around into profit.

What Maria did reveal was her staking method which turns out to be quite a sensible one. You lay a small percentage of your bank in proportion to the lay odds of the selection, as follows:

Let's assume a bank of 1000 points:
Prices below 3.5: lay to 1% of bank - you lay 10 pts, your liability under 25 pts
Prices from 3.5 to 7.4: lay to 0.6% of bank - you lay 6 pts, your liability 15 to 38.4 pts
Prices from 7.5 to 11: lay to 0.4% of bank - you lay 4 pts, your liability 26 to 40 pts
No bet if odds greater than 11

We have developed a spreadsheet for this staking plan. Free download: Maria Lay Spreadsheet

Maria Lay Video

Special Factor Plan

Staking Plans can be useful if combined with a good system, good money management etc.

We have seen a lot of staking plans. The best one we have seen is the Special Factor Staking Plan. It is best suited to selections with odds of about evens to 2 to 1 and can be used with horse racing, football etc.

More details here: Special Factor Plan