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The Inventor of this System used to be a bookmaker. He knows the racing, bookmaking and betting game inside out. Today he is no longer involved in bookmaking and his income is solely derived from using the bets described in this System.

With the abolition of betting tax and the ever wider choice of bookmakers there has never been a better time to make your bookmaker pay!

FOOTBALL BETTING is how our expert wins, but most of these bets can also be used on horse racing. As an ex bookie he knows the sort of bets they promote. Bad value bets like the yankee. NOW HE REVEALS THE BETS THEY DON'T LIKE. The bets they hope you don't know about, like these:-

  • From 2 football matches, two single win bets, where if you can find just one winner at 1-3 (yes, 3 to 1 on) or better you will make a profit! Totally legal and accepted in every bookmakers
  • From 7 matches, win doubles, usually 21 bets (perm any 2 from 7 is 21). Our expert will show you how to have win doubles on 7 matches in only 9 bets! To put it another way, £2 win doubles would normally cost £42. This method costs only £18. See how the bookies like that!
  • From 10 matches, win trebles, usually 120 bets. Our expert can do this with just 45 bets!
  • From 7 matches, A Real Banker Bet, based on the yankee but transformed to stack the odds in the backers favour, not the bookmakers! Our expert has had over FIFTY four figure wins with this bet, which using 30p units costs just £23.10 to stake
  • Home Win TV Banker Bets. To be used only for televised matches. This is a home win single bet. The short prices do not matter. The professional Staking System used is unique, and does not involve doubling up, or cover to win betting. This is totally different and very profitable.
  • The Multiple Hit. For the same outlay as the Yankee which covers 4 selections, this bet covers 6 selections for the same stake of 11 bets. And that is 15 less than the Canadian which covers only 5 selections in 26 bets! The bookies don't like it but the bet is quite legitimate. A Brighton punter took one of the big chains for £134,000 with this plan in 1997. It was a horrible shock for them!
  • The MAGIC 7. To cover all doubles, trebles, 4-folds and 5-folds in 7 selections takes 112 bets. Our expert has reduced this to just 32 bets, while still giving excellent guarantees!
  • The Insurance Bet. How to make a large multiple bet, covering 6, 7, 8 or more matches, and insure against some incorrect results. A very clever Plan that can get a big payout for a small outlay

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT How to Place A Bet After the Result is Known!

This is the bet the bookies dislike more than anything else! We will say no more here!

Originally sold at £75, we can supply the full system for only £8.95

It is also available FREE in our Football System Package.