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A Brilliant Mathematical System using Half Time/Full Time bets

The inventor of this system is an expert in soccer betting. He has discovered a method of using Half Time/Full time betting with brilliant success.

It can be used on UK Bookmakers Fixed Odds Coupons.

Very few people even look at the odds available for a Half Time/Full Time result. They are often far better than the Long List odds and you can bet on just one match and this is what the system does.

The experts who produce the Fixed Odds coupons for the bookmakers are highly skilled in assessing the odds for each match. This system actually uses their skill to select just one match on the coupon.

The system makes two separate bets on the one match, and by using a very clever staking plan, a long term, steady profit throughout the Season is guaranteed.

See the Results....

The comprehensive manual explains everything in detail and includes full results which shows you how profitable the system is as winnings steadily grow throughout the season.

The system can be used in bookmakers shops and also online bookmakers and Betting Exchanges.

New HT-FT Spreadsheet

We have now developed an Excel spreadsheet that makes the system very easy to use. It does all the calculation for you. You can set it up to suit yourself. You decide how much you want to win on each bet, level of stake etc. Then you just need to enter the odds for the two bets. It is that simple.

We can supply the full system and spreadsheet for only £9.95. It is also available in our Football System Package.