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This System uses one of our favourite methods of profiting at the bookies expense:
Fixed Odds Betting

And one of the best bets on the coupon: Correct Score Betting

The odds you get for any correct score are set automatically, based on the odds from the Long List about the team in question winning. This can work in the punters' favour, as the odds pay no attention to the correct-score records of the teams involved.

This System takes advantage of the generous odds on offer for a correct final score. One that is found in abundance every week!

The system covers 10 matches. If just two are successful you will get a good profit. Usually there will be more than two correct.

  • Just 2 out of 10 will give about 20pts profit
  • Just 3 out of 10 will give about 150pts profit
  • 4 correct 350 pts
  • 5 correct 600 pts
  • 6 correct 900 pts
  • 7 correct 1300 pts
  • 8 correct 1750 pts
  • 9 correct 2200 pts
  • 10 correct over 2800 pts

These figures are approximate. Sometimes more!

Remember that we are are betting on one of the most common final scores. Throughout the season there will be weeks when we will get these big multiple wins.

We like this system a lot. If only two are correct it gives approximately 20 points profit. So there are very few losing weeks. With a potential for some very big wins throughout the season.

We know. We have checked it over previous seasons. Brilliant!

The system can be used in bookmakers shops and also online bookmakers and Betting Exchanges. We can supply the full system for only £7.95.

It is also available in our Football System Package.