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CORSCORE SYSTEM - Correct Score Betting

There's big money to be made from Correct Score Football Betting. The bookmakers know this and are trying counter measures to reduce their liabilities.

By betting in doubles you can get winning bets of 625 to 1. And in trebles you can get a 1000-1 winner! This system was developed by a very clever, professional gambler. We have seen many fixed odds systems and can honestly say that his mathematical approach is quite brilliant.

The odds offered by the bookmakers for a correct score of 2-1 is approximately 9/1 and the odds for a 3-2 win (home or away) is 25/1 or 28/1. So a 2-1 Treble yields 1000/1 and the 3-2 Double pays at least 625/1. And in U.K football 3-2 is a fairly common score!

The bookmakers go to enormous effort to calculate the odds for each match - odds for a home, draw and away. You can use this information to your advantage. You look at the odds on offer for each match and then pick certain matches for correct score betting.

The inventor of the system explains everything in detail for you - how to pick the matches, how to forecast the correct score and how to make multiple entries using a simple perm.

The first time we tested this System over a full English Football Season it produced 25 winning weeks and at stakes of £15.50 gave a profit of over £1,300!

You will regularly get these high priced Doubles and Trebles throughout the season.

The system can be used in bookmakers shops and also online bookmakers and Betting Exchanges. We can supply the full system for only £7.95.

It is also available in our Football System Package.