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  The Investment Plan

The Investment Plan

Many years ago the author of this system was so highly respected as a Systems Expert that he was afforded the accolade of writing a regular column in the now defunct Raceform Handicap Book. He wrote under the name Abacus and his integrity is beyond reproach.

This INVESTMENT PLAN seems ideal for the 'selective' investor because it limits its bets to just 3 or 4 a week. To illustrate that fact it has indicated just 130 selections in roughly a 40 week period and gave 50% winners!

The longest consecutive winning run over that period was six, and the longest losing run was four (once only).

It showed a massive 56 points Level Stakes Profit meaning that by applying just £10 on each selection indicated by the INVESTMENT PLAN you would have made a most acceptable Profit of £560.90

As well as the basic system, the author shows you how to maximise profits by using a safe staking plan, and increase profits even further by using doubles and trebles. The safe staking plan maximises profits by following a simple mathematical formula. The highest stake to date has been £30, with this plan producing a further profit of £982.40.

Using doubles and trebles, the plan produced an additional profit of £2830.65.

Using all three methods the total profit over a forty week period was £4379.95

We actually monitored the INVESTMENT PLAN for three months, March, April and May and can confirm that it has continued to give excellent results and maintained the 50% strike rate. Brilliant!

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