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A Brilliant Betting System based on Maths, Probability and Logic. Essential to everyone who bets on horse racing   Converging Factors

Converging Factors by Promath

A Brilliant Betting System based on Maths, Probability and Logic.
This book was written many years ago. It does not matter. The principles are as true today as they were then.


  • No Tipster wins all the time
  • None lose all the time
  • One will have a good day
  • His rival will have a bad day
  • One will have a winning streak
  • While an other is having a losing streak

Check it for yourself!

Week in, week out, year after year, the tipsters will always perform like this. Promath has made brilliant use of this. His lateral thinking, combined with his Maths and Logic has produced a radical concept in betting. Nothing to do with form or handicapping. It uses those indisputable facts about the tipsters.

The system can be used in any country - wherever there are newspaper tipsters and horse racing.

We are highly impressed with this system, and are delighted to make it available again to the racing public. Converging Factors is essential to anyone who bets on horse racing.

New Supplement now available — Converging Factor Racing Formulas

We are delighted to have discovered this amazing supplement that Promath wrote. It is Converging Factor Racing Formulas. It is should be read by everyone who bets on horse racing. This man was a genius. His ideas were quite unique and we are delighted to make this available again. This supplement will be included at no extra cost.

Available now for just £9.95