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 Impact Laying System

The Impact Laying System

The author explains....
"When placing lay bets the aim is to find losers, and when winners occur (which you pay out on) we need them to be at the shortest possible price to limit the payout. You are effectively, the bookmaker. Having researched laying systems since the Betting Exchanges such as Betfair and BetDaq came into being, I have concluded that ideally a success rate (i.e, the rate of losers) needs to be around 85% with winners, when they do occur averaging no more than 3-1 (or 4.0 at Betting Exchange price, which always includes the one point stake)."

If this can be achieved then for every 100 lay bets placed, using just a level stake of one point on each selection, a profit of 40 points would be achieved. After deduction of 5% on winning bets by the betting exchanges this would still leave a clear net profit of 35.75 points for every 100, one point bets.

If you have not placed a lay bet before you may think that it is easy to select losers. In any 20 runner race, there will always be 19 losers, but there is always a danger that the horse you have laid will win at 33-1. Not very often I admit, but you must not take the risk.

In a six-month period from July 1st to 31st Dec, The Impact Laying System produced a total of 199 selections, of which 177 lost (i.e. 177 winning bets at one point each staked). This represents a success rate of 88.9%.

The average price of All winners was 3.89 (at betting exchange price, including stake - i.e. 2.89-1 at bookmakers prices. The clear profit after deducting payouts on winning horses was 80.04 points, after deduction of 5% commission on successful lay bets and this gave a very acceptable return on capital of
+ 40.22%

Full Monthly Results Chart......

"Lay betting is not complicated - it is very straight forward and if you have not used this method of betting before, I can highly recommend it. I use the Daily Mail to operate the system (Monday to Saturday) but any UK newspaper can be used. I believe this system produces the ideal balance between success rate of losers and limited starting price of winners. Selections are easily found well in advance of racing."

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"I have another couple of other methods for successful laying systems, both of which - had Betting Exchanges existed that far back - would have been very profitable 35 years ago - AND EVERY YEAR SINCE.

Sounds incredible but it's true. System 'A' provides a high amount of selections each day and System B is a condensed version of 'A' to produce fewer selections."

Both Systems included with the Impact Laying System.

We can supply the Impact Laying System in full for only £7.95, available as a download or file attachment by email, or printed manual by post for £8.95 (UK only).

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