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  The Fibonacci Plan

The Fibonacci Sequence

This brilliant system is based on a sequence of numbers first devised by an Italian mathematician in the 12th century - Fibonacci

This series of numbers has been used in many ways including Astronomy, Architecture, Computer Science, Geometry and Botany

…and also gambling! It can form the basis of an incredibly effective staking system.

Not only that, this sequence of numbers can also be used in casino games.

The Fibonacci Race Selection Plan

This almost magical sequence of numbers is not only a staking plan. It can also be used in horse racing as the basis for a very successful race selection system.

Nobody fully understands why this number sequence produces such excellent results when selecting horses but the performance speaks for itself.

Past results have shown that there is a 90% chance that the favourite in the Fibonacci races will be winners. Yes - a 90% strike rate!

Combine this with the brilliant staking system and you will see why this is such an amazing system.

You do not need to understand maths to use this system. All you need is any morning paper and you will find the races in minutes. This system can also be used on Horse Racing outside the UK. All you need is a list of all the races on a particular day. It can be used all year round - Flat and National Hunt racing.

Bonus System...

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