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A brilliant greyhound method with 80% win rate WINALOT Greyhound Formula

The Winalot Greyhound System

The Inventor of the System explains:
"I've never had much interest in the dogs. But I was determined to devise a genuine and profitable Dog System for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted a reliable method of betting, for my own personal use, and would operate all year round, particularly during the long winter months of adverse weather conditions and abandoned horse meetings etc.

Secondly, having seen hundreds of dog systems over the years, I had yet to find a profitable method that was not dependent on some 'stop at a winner' or 'cover to win' gimmick. My meticulous and painstaking research has been amply rewarded. The result is a system so simple, that selections can be found in just a couple of minutes each morning, from the Betting Forecast, well in advance of racing.

What is more, this system produces a genuine 80% Winning Bets, and not all favourites either. Many selections romp home at 5/1 or more. It is my firm belief that WinaLot is the finest dog system in existence today. The big profits generated even put some of my long established horse racing systems to shame."

This System is for the UK only.
Greyhound racing varies a lot around the world - numbers of dogs in a race, types of bet available etc.The Winalot System is designed for UK greyhound racing.

For greyhound racing around the world we have a very clever system that can be used almost anywhere — the Global Greyhound System

Both Systems are available in a package for just £12.90. More info...

Previously sold at £50. We can supply the Winalot System for just £7.95

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