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The 'LINK-BET' Staking Formula maximises profits from short-priced selections

Although assured of plenty of winners, the confirmed favourite backer faces the constant problem of converting short-priced successes into a worthwhile profit. The 'LINK-BET' method of staking is one of the best systems ever devised for solving the difficulty.

Stakes are on single daily selections but the formula links up a series of doubles spread over several days in order to make the very best use of those winners that are backed. Moreover the maximum number of points at risk in any one week is known in advance. It is always fifteen.

The 'LINK-BET' Formula was originally conceived as a series of double events arising from a single daily selection from Monday to Saturday. However you may feel that on a particular day there is no worthwhile wager. This does not mean that you cannot use the system. Provided it is applied to six consecutive selections on different days, the mathematical symmetry of the formula is retained.

If you prefer not to bet every day, you simply think in terms of six bets and not in terms of days of the week.

This is a very flexible and versatile plan, which could also be used backing greyhounds, and possibly other events such as football betting.

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