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 Beat the Roulette Wheel 

Now Revealed - Roulette System Secrets the Casinos Don't Want You to Know

The author of this book is a roulette fanatic. He spent seven years watching a roulette wheel spin every day, and tested hundreds of traditional and new systems, to select the best practical methods for winning at roulette.

After seven years of research he knows what systems win and those that don't.

Now we can publish his results. This is probably the most thorough and exhaustive study of 'real roulette' (not computer simulated) that has ever been published.

Now you can turn the tables on the casinos, and turn Roulette into a winning game.

Special Supplement One - THE CANADIAN SYSTEM

A Canadian mathematician has devised a system whereby by focussing your bets on one part of the table you can guarantee more winning visits to the table than losing ones. He has discovered that by placing your bets on a small but calculatingly discriminate area of the table, he claims it is mathematically guaranteed that, if you follow this system exactly, you will leave the table more often than not with a profit.


Written by a professional Roulette player - someone who earns his living from the wheel! He explains the big difference between a professional player and an amateur. And he shows you how he has won consistently for many years in casinos all around the world. Essential for anyone who wants to play roulette.

Beat the Wheel - with Two Free Supplements, only £7.95