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The Classic system has a long history of success every season. A big profit from a small number of bets Professional Flat System

The Professional Flat Racing System

A brilliant system which backs 2 year olds. This is how professionals make a lot of money. Form in 2 year old races is more reliable than in any other kind of event. And good 2 yr olds often run up long winning sequences. This System identifies those horses. They are then backed in their next three races, in 3 single bets and one treble.

Here is an example of an actual bet:-
The horse, having been identified as a system horse, was backed on it's next outing. It won at 3/1. This gave 3 points profit from the single bet, with an additional 4 points to go onto it's next race, the second leg of the system treble.. It won again at 3-1, which produced a further 3 points from the single, and there was now 16 points to be staked on the final leg of the treble. Another victory at 11-2 gave another five and a half points from the single bet. The total profit for the winning treble was 103 points.

That one horse was worth 114 ½ points (3 + 3 + 5½ + 103) profit.

This will happen throughout the season. Just half a dozen trebles, even at lesser odds, will make a big profit. The one point single bets will offset losses for horses that do not go onto three consecutive wins.

This is a simple system using any morning paper. It can be used on all UK Flat Racing.
It has produced consistent success throughout the years. Expected profit 200 points a season.

We can supply the full system for just £6.95

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