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The Classic system has a long history of success every season. A big profit from a small number of bets The Par 4-Up Racing Formula

The Par 4-Up Racing Formula

A winning system must have two things - a sound percentage of winners and an average starting price good enough to offset the cost of losers. If you look at the past form of a horse you will see where it was placed in it's last three races.

  • 111 - won the last three
  • 021 - lost, second, won
  • 243 - second, fourth, third

There are 125 such combinations covering every possible outcome of the last three races,. A very large and comprehensive analysis has discovered which sets produce most winners next time out!

Very Simple, Very Clever, Very Successful!

Value for money is an essential part of betting and often misunderstood. Simply put, if a horse has an even chance of winning, but is quoted at odds on, you do not get value. If the horse is quoted at higher than evens, say 6-4, you have value. A good bet!

This system guarantees that every bet you make will be a value bet, giving a good level stake profit throughout the season.

Fully explained and simple to operate from any morning paper. It can be used on all UK Flat Racing. Expected profit 100 points a season.

We can supply the full system for just £6.95

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