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The Gamblers X File


Written by people who really know what they are talking about - Actual Winners!

WINNING - The Greatest Game Of All!

And the easiest game for some people, that exclusive band of punters who know where to place their crosses on the football pools, or which horses to back in hundreds of races run in Britain each week.

With their help, you too can cash in on these two potent gambling forms known to have created more millionaires than most other forms of gambling combined!

The Gambler's X File does not give information you could easily discover for yourself somewhere else. Our facts and figures have been compiled with the help of experts, including a Littlewoods Jackpot pools winner! Our advice, "straight from the horse's mouth" will put you on the winning track.

So stop doing the pools with the help of a pin, and stop choosing your horses by which name sounds nicest, or "luckiest". Be informed, analyse today's likely winners, know which matches are likely to end in a draw.


  • How to plan a pool's jackpot win
  • Why "shock" draws win fortunes and how to spot them
  • How to analyse team performance
  • How to spot draws ahead of professional forecasters
  • Insider Secrets of football betting - how to forecast match results
  • How a London syndicate won over 1/2 million pounds with carefully targeted predictions


  • There are more professional gamblers in Horse Racing than in any other form of gambling.
    People who make a very comfortable living from horse racing
  • How to study form like a pro
  • How to think and act like a professional gambler
  • You'll even find a comprehensive guide to Britain's racecourses,
    showing you what to look out for, when, and how to spot today's winner.