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Some Fun Facts about National Lottery Winners

Just by chance a winner's girlfriend checked his trouser pockets before she put his jeans into the washing machine and found a jackpot winning ticket worth around £1.5 million.

Three lads who were out on the town were refused at a nightclub because they did not have shirts and ties. They went to an all night Tesco and bought some new shirts - with the change they bought a scratchcards and won £20,000 - they celebrated all night in the nightclub!

Edwin Thrasher was stony broke before he won, and one day he touched the ring that his father left him when he died, and said, "Dad, please send me some money." That afternoon he won £50,000 on a scratchcard.

A winner went in to a car showroom on his way back from picking up his cheque and entered a competition to win a car, the model of which he had always wanted. He actually won the car!

A young man, dressed in jeans, went in to a Mercedes dealership following his win - the salesmen ignored this rather ordinarily dressed young man but one of the female sales staff ended up selling him a top of the range car!

A man was walking under a tree and a bird pooped on him - as this is supposed to be lucky, he decided to buy a Fortune 4 scratchcards ticket and won £24.00. The following week the same thing happened, a little bird pooped on him from the same tree! So he went and bought another National Lottery Fortune 4 and won £444. He now spends time on Wednesdays and Saturday standing under that lucky tree, waiting for that little bird to.

Scratchcard winner, Brenda Wainwright, hired a limousine to go and collect her £50,000 winnings.

Jackpot winner Marjorie Longdin was so excited when she won that she forgot to take her ticket with her when she went to collect her winnings.

One lady was so excited about winning that she literally wanted to shout from the rooftops. Her Winners Advisor took her on to the roof of the building and let her shout "I've Won!" to the whole of Merseyside.

One little old lady arrived at the Regional Centre dragging an enormously long sports bag. With an expression of surprise and bewilderment she said that her sister had recommended she bring it with her for that "enormous cheque they give you".

Sarah Louise Wood fainted when she realised she had won £75,000 on a scratchcard - she went to collect her money with a black eye.

The longest celebration by winners was by a pub syndicate from London who celebrated for almost two weeks.

Police were called out by concerned neighbours who believed that the people living next door were being burgled due to the amount of noise. They were in fact celebrating their £2 million jackpot win.

Billy Gibbons renamed his chicken 'Kiev' to 'Lucky' when the faithful foul trampled on his owner's calculator, selecting five winning Lotto numbers. 'Lucky' now helps Billy pick his Lotto numbers every Saturday morning


The worst celebration was a couple who went out to buy a bottle of wine after winning £1.5 million and they realised they didn't have a corkscrew.

Source: National Lottery Official Site