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Lottery Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Here are Some Fun Facts about the UK National Lottery:

Some of the most unusual purchases made by National Lottery winners include breast enlargements, a race horse and a castle.

Just by chance a winners girlfriend checked his trouser pockets before she put his jeans into the washing machine and found a jackpot winning ticket worth around £1.5 million.

A winner was dancing in the street outside their house, jumping up and down with excitement and broke their leg!

The worst celebration was a couple who went out to buy a bottle of wine after winning £1.5 million and they realised they didn't have a corkscrew!

The longest celebration by winners was by a pub syndicate from London who celebrated for almost two weeks!

Police were called out by concerned neighbours who believed that the people living next door were being burgled due to the amount of noise. They were in fact celebrating their jackpot win of £2 million!

Winners have been keeping their tickets quite literally close to their chests with 27% of female winners hiding their tickets in their bra. One particular winner was Judith Knox from Morpeth who hid her ticket in her bra after discovering that she and her partner had won £102,262.

Other unusual places where lottery winners choose to hide their tickets include socks, shoes, freezers and biscuit tins - an elderly gentleman put his ticket in his underpants on Saturday night and did not remove it until Monday morning, while another man sellotaped his ticket to his chest.

Three sisters from Rotherham decided they needed to take extra special security measures when they won £42,300. The winning ticket was locked in a briefcase, hidden under a bed and guarded by Benson, an Irish Wolfhound until the sisters were able to claim their prize.

When syndicate leader Peter Cockhrane realised that his numbers had come up, his main worry was preventing his five year old daughter Rachel from defacing the winning ticket worth £101,288, so he hid the ticket in one of the drawers under his bed.

The first item on Alison Forshaw's shopping list was a new carpet, after she tore it to hide her syndicate's winning ticket. The syndicate of eight nursery nurses from Greater Manchester won £98,838 and as the leader, Alison was nominated to look after the winning ticket. She decided to rip the corner of her bedroom carpet and hide the ticket until she could collect the prize winners cheque.

Mr Deakin, a businessman from South Wales was on holiday in Belgium when he realised he had won a £1.8 million jackpot. He was so concerned about the safety of his winning ticket that he pinned it inside his shirt until he return to Porthcawl.

A man was walking under a tree and a bird pooped on him - as this supposed to be lucky, he decided to but a Fortune 4 Instants ticket and won £24.00. The following week the same thing happened, a little bird pooped on him from the same tree! So he went and brought another National Lottery Fortune 4 and won £444. He now spends time on Wednesdays and Saturdays standing under that lucky tree, waiting of that little bird to ????

Phillip and Shirley Hunter won £1.3 million after selecting numbers from balls in Hilda - their tumble dryer.

Source : Camelot Newsroom