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Roulette Tips and Strategy

The following tips and strategy for Roulette are based on wheels with a single zero. Wheels with a double zero, found in America, should be avoided.

1. Long consecutive runs on even-money chances (red, black, odd, even, high, and low) do frequently occur-the record is for red to come up 28 consecutive times-so a doubling-up staking system after a loss would be suicidal. Much better to use some stake increase such as in the 'pyramid system' or D'Alembert as it is known. After a losing spin you increase your stake by 1 unit and after a winning spin you decrease the next bet by 1 unit. Or alternately double up after a win (going for a repeat), then remove your original stake if successful, leaving three chips on for a second repeat, thus netting six points profit every time you can hit three on the trot.

2. The 2 to 1 chances are good fun play, and are particularly susceptible to systematic staking. It is surprising how often the wheel seems to go through a sustained series of repeats of identical 2 to 1 chances. If you keep a record of previous spins and you find that a particular 2 to 1 shot (for example 1 to 12) has not come up at any time during the previous 10 consecutive spins, it may be due for a 'corrective' period during the course of which it may well come up an above average number of times, including a sizeable consecutive sequence. So be patient and wait for it to come up, and then step in and back it for a repeat with one unit. If successful, take away your one unit and leave the other two units on for a further repeat. If successful again, take away two units and leave four. Next time, take away four and leave eight, which can become 24, at which point you can dash out with 30 units profit without ever having jeopardised more than your one original chip. Even a run of three (including the indicator) will yield two points clear profit.

3. Never believe in betting against the wheel. It is great fun following the last number to come up with a repeat. To do this, place a unit on the number itself, and in addition on all the betting points that surround the number. To back zero for a repeat takes only 7 units, 35 for a repeat, 8 units, and 34 or 36 for a repeat, 6 units.

4. Roulette wheels are supposed to be without bias, and it would be a sorry day for any casino were it not so; the croupier's spinning motions are not supposed to be standard, for he or she would be quickly taken off if they were. Yet, somehow, every now and then there seem to be an awful lot of repeats or near repeats. When this appears to be the case, there just could be another explanation than chance. So, pop a chip on the number that came up previously and also one on each of four numbers which are in juxtaposition both to the left and to the right of that number on the wheel: nine chips altogether. You will make a profit of 27 chips if your idea proves right. But don't go on doing it if you have failed to click after three spins.

5. Always take advantage of the rule in British and French casinos that when zero comes up bets on even-money chances are not necessarily lost but go en prise pending the outcome of the next spin. In his book Casino Royale, Ian Fleming describes James Bond's system by which he is reported to have taken the casino for a ride. He made a sequence of bets on two of the 'dozens' at the same time, giving himself 24 chances of a win on each spin, and showing a profit of half his outlay every time that he won. He did in fact win every time. But his mistake was that he failed to take advantage of the rule that when zero comes up, bets on even-money chances are 'put into prison'. When covering two adjacent sets of dozens, he should have placed three-quarters of his stake on either 1 to 18, or 19 to 36, as the case might have been, and the remaining quarter of his stake on the sixaine required to complete his bet. This would have led to the same profit when he won, but retained 'zero rights' on three-quarters of his outlay.


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