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Shooting Craps

The dream of every crap shooter is to get to a crap table just as the dice are taking off on an extremely long series of passes. If so, he's going to come away with a fabulous winning and just perhaps may make himself independently wealthy!

Craps is the major league of casino gaming. It's a tough league, but it does demand of you a keen mental alertness. And of all the casino games it has greatest potential to make serious winnings. Thousands of dollars are won each and every day at the crap table. Many, many more thousands are lost at the same time. Despite the so-called low percentage against the player in this gambling game, a fair country guess is that well over half the players come away loser from a single gambling session, and probably much more.

Craps Tip 1. Do not combine bets
Never to combine different bets at the same time. You should only bet on Pass/Don't Pass bets with the highest possible odds and similarly with Come/Don't Come bets.
Come bets can also be but only if you are ahead and you find a shooter who is throwing many point numbers

Craps Tip 2: Playing the field
Most dice players will probably tell you that betting on the field in Craps is to be avoided. But if you want to play those numbers, you can increase your chance of winning. First, do not play the field every roll or you will almost certainly lose. When you place a bet on the field, you only have a 44.4% probability of winning.So betting on it over and over again will ultimately lose. However, if you wait to see three consecutive non-field rolls first, then bet, you will greatly improve the chance of winning. The percentage against you now is reduced to 9.5%.

Craps Tip 3: The Proposition Area
The proposition area, or prop box, is a casino's dream. This is the area in the middle of the craps table and it's full all the bets you should not make. These bets are fun and exciting, and big winners for the casino which has a very high advantage over all the bets in this are area. Avoid at all costs


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