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Treble Chance Football Pools

The Treble Chance Football Pools - An Introduction

Besides the National Lottery, the Treble Chance football pools are the only feasible way of becoming a millionaire overnight through betting. Around 25 percent of the British public place a Treble Chance bet on a regular basis, each of them waiting for that 'lucky' day when they hit the Jackpot and revolutionise their lives. Systematic betting on the Treble Chance is one area which will be explored in great detail in future lessons of Secrets of Successful Gambling. To start your study of this potentially lucrative betting opportunity, here are two little-known strategies....

Total Coverage
The idea behind the Total Coverage strategy is to cover each of the 58 matches on your Treble Chance coupon at once -this is also known as 'blanket coverage'. Because no element of skill is used to reduce the number of matches you select, this plan relies heavily on the way the draws fall on the coupon, or their 'pattern'. As such, it should be treated solely as a 'fun' bet and not as a main part of your campaign for gambling wealth.

To operate the Total Coverage system, enter 58 X's on your coupon (one beside each match) and bracket them together in pairs of 2. Then add the instruction, "Perm any 4 pairs from 29 pairs = 23,751 lines" and then calculate the cost required. The guarantee with this strategy is that with any four pairs of score draws you will be in line for a first (possibly Jackpot) dividend.

On large stake coupons such as Littlewoods, this plan would be quite expensive, so it is suggested that you only use it on small stake coupons such as Zetters or Brittens.

Alternatively, since this plan is just for fun, you could share the expense (and hopefully the winnings) with your friends and family. This type of arrangement is known as Syndicate Betting.