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Fixed Odds Betting

Fixed Odds Betting - An Introduction

Fixed Odds coupons are available throughout the British soccer season at most betting shops. A few of these shops also provide coupons for Australian soccer in the summertime. Each coupon is seperated into lists usually labelled the Long List, Short List, Mini Sections List and Correct Scores List.

And now for a fact which can save you money: bookmakers make an average of 80 percent of their fixed odds profits from the Correct Scores List, the Short List and the Mini Sections List combined. From the Long List they make only 20 percent profit. Once again we see the Pareto Principle at work, and the moral is clear - if you want to make money on the Fixed Odds, you stand a better chance if you concentrate on the Long List.

Perhaps the greatest 'chink in the fixed odds bookies armour' is the simple fact that the odds for each match on a fixed odds coupon are literally FIXED approximately a week before the Saturday matches are due to be played. Obviously such fixing of odds so far ahead of the actual event does not allow the bookmaker to take into account the results of any mid-week matches which are due to be played.

You can take advantage of this 'chink' by watching mid-week matches and looking for a team which plays particularly well, then look at the odds offered for this team on the Long List of your Fixed Odds coupon. If the odds are more generous than the mid-week match suggests they should be, you have spotted a value betting opportunity!