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What Kind Of Gambler Are You?

What Kind Of Gambler Are You?

The ten statements which follow should be answered as true or false. Be as honest as you can when answering them. After all, no one else will see the results and the objective insight you gain into your attitude will be of immense benefit.

1. I am more interested in winning tens of thousands of pounds overnight, than in making smaller but more consistent profits over the medium to long term.

2. Winning money from gambling is dependent on 'being lucky' more than anything else.

3. I am confident of my ability to win a bet no matter how high the odds are stacked against me.

4. The value I can obtain in a bet is not as important as the amount of money I could win.

5. I believe in taking risks just for the fun of it.

6. It's impossible to make money from gambling unless you take big risks.

7. I have been told I have an addictive personality.

8. I often wonder how people manage to control their money. No matter how much I earn, it's impossible for me to ever save anything.

9. I gamble because I need money NOW - not in a month or so.

10. I believe that there's a perfect gambling system which could eradicate losing altogether, it's just a case of finding it.

Having answered each statement as being true or false, count up the number of times you answered 'true' then check the appropriate interpretation below.

0-3 Statements Answered As Being 'True'
You are cautious by nature and have the ideal aptitude for making money from gambling. You realise that a 'get rich quick' mentality is self-defeating, and you are prepared to treat your gambling activities with the respect they deserve. Secrets of Successful Gambling will enable you to build your knowledge of gambling and make good money without risking more than is vitally necessary.

4-6 Statements Answered As Being 'True'
You are in the mainstream of the betting public and as such should be on your guard against the wiles of gambling addiction. It is important that you keep track of your betting activities and the motivation behind them.

7-10 Statements Answered As Being 'True'
You are at risk of developing full-blown addiction to gambling. Your 'get rich quick' mentality could be your downfall if it is not kept under strict control. It is vitally important that you study Secrets of Successful Gambling closely and adhere to its principles without trying to 'improve' upon them or 'speed up the process' of making money. Be cautious, be wise, follow the advice given in Secrets of Successful Gambling and your dangerous attitude will eventually change to that of a practising professional. Make no mistake, addiction to gambling is a deadly disease. It can creep up on people without any warning and destroy their lives. But fortunately, it is avoidable.