Traditional bingo, electronic bingo and online bingo: What’s the Difference?

The game of bingo has been around in one variation or another for a very long time. What is the primary appeal in a game with absolutely no strategy except to follow along with the numbers being called, you might ask? For those who are not entrenched in the culture of bingo in the same way your grandmother who goes to the hall at her local retirement home might be familiar, there is, of course, the thrill of the win. But the single biggest draw seems to be the social aspect of it all, and that is true across various types of bingo games available.

Online bingo games are bustling with people mingling in the chatrooms, just as bingo halls echo with people chatting through the numbers being called, clinking glasses of adult beverages and marking their sheets along the way. Electronic bingo then is much the same, with digital screens used in lieu of traditional pieces of paper, but all with the same jubilance.

Winning at Bingo

Of course, you win by connecting a line of numbers on the grid of the bingo board. Sometimes, there is a preordained number or shape of board patterns you have to match. Some of the win patterns include:
Winning at Bingo Single line bingo
Two line bingo
Full house bingo
Four corners bingo
Big X bingo
Top, middle, and bottom bingo
Outside edge bingo
Any four numbers bingo
‘W’ Shape bingo

Traditional Bingo

If you are a fan of face to face interactions and old school pen and paper, then traditional bingo is the game for you. Whether you are on a cruise ship with you friends and family, or just like to hit up the old bingo hall every once in a while, nothing beats the old school game. It may not having the winrate of say, Blackjack or Electronic Roulette, since both are fairly safe bets to win something, but nothing beats the old ways of playing the game the same way your great grandparents did.

The thrill of actually winning something is almost as worthwhile as the time you get to spend chatting about whatever. The game itself is mostly mindless marking down of numbers, so as long as you have one ear attuned to that, you can do whatever else you want.

Online Bingo

For convenience, nothing beats online bingo. There are a lot of great bingo sites out there which offer bingo boards with a variety of themes. With so much variety of quality bingo games out there, you can simulate chilling on the beach or being at the top of a mountain with your favourite bingo game.

Electronic Bingo

As covered before, electronic bingo is just a variation on the tried and true bingo, just with electronic panels used instead of paper and pen. Some people might miss the tactile feel of pen to paper, but for those millennials accustomed to their screens more than paper anyway, this might be the way to go while still enjoying the face to face interaction with their fellow players.