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Cyber Bingo

Online Cyber Bingo

There is a new game taking the online gaming world by storm. It is called cyber bingo and is an online internet variation of the old traditional bingo game.

Bingo originated in the 16th century in Italy. It was a type of lottery in Italy where participants could win money. The game appeared in America in the early 1900's and was called Beano. The game changed its name when a winning player accidentally called out "Bingo" instead of Beano. The new name stuck and it has been known as Bingo ever since

With the arrival of the internet and online gaming, an obvious and almost inevitable development of the game is cyber bingo. The word "cyber" refers to the bingo game being online or rather played in 'cyberspace'. It islive bingo but played online instead of traditional bingo halls.

Cyber bingo is fundamentally the same as its traditional counterpart. A player has a card filled up with random numbers from 1 to 99. Numbers are selected randomly and the player ticks off any matching numbers on the card. This goes until a player has ticked off all the numbers needed to win. In Cyber bingo the winning numbers will usually make up a special shape. To be successful the player will have to get the required numbers in the same shape that was chosen before the game started. A new shape will be used for each new game.

A popular feature of cyber bingo is the chat facility that allows participants to chat with other players during the game. Most reputable cyber bingo games automatically check to see if you have won. This allows you to chat while playing without being too vigilant about the numbers!.