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Lottery Bets Explained

Lottery Bets Explained

Straight Bets

With a straight lottery bet, you pick one or more sets of numbers. The amount of numbers you choose for each set depends on You decide how many you think will come up in the correct order. For instance you might place a bet on getting two balls correct, and choose the numbers 12 and 39. For you to win, 12 and 39 must be the first two numbers drawn in the lottery. A bet placed on one number is known as a single bet. Two numbers is a doubles bet. Three numbers is a treble, four numbers as a four-fold bet, and five number as a five-fold bet.

Combination Bets

In a combination lottery bet, you pick a set of numbers and bet on how many you think will come up (e.g. five out of your chosen ten numbers will be drawn). If any five of your twn numbers are drawn, you win.

Odds or Evens Bets

There are a number of different odds/evens bets that you can place on lotteries. One of the simplest is to predict whether the first ball drawn in will be an odd number or even number.

Hi or Lo Bets

In a hi/lo lottery bet, you bet on whether each ball will be a higher or lower number than a number set by the bookmaker. For instance the bookmaker might ask you to bet on whether each ball drawn will be higher or lower than 25.

Lowest/Highest Ball Bets

Just as it sounds, you bet on the highest or lowest number that you think will be drawn in the lottery.

Total Ball Value Bets

In a total ball value lottery bet, you bet on what you think the total value of all the balls drawn will be when all their numbers added together. Usually the bookmaker will ask you to bet on whether the total will be in a certain range of numbers e.g. between 75 and 100, between 101 and 120 etc.

First Number Drawn Bets

A simple bet. You just bet on which ball you think will be drawn first.

Bonus Ball Bets

Another simple bet. As it sounds you simply choose the number of the lottery ball that you think will be drawn as the bonus ball.

Bonus Ball Colour

Most national lotteries use different colour balls for sets of number. In a Bonus Ball Colour Bet bet you choose the colour you think the bonus ball will be This give you a better chance of winning than if you try to predict the number of the bonus ball.