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System to Win the Lottery

System to Win the Lottery

Is it possible to choose numbers that are more likely to hit than others? And are some numbers less likely to appear?

To find these numbers might look complicated at first. After all aren't lottery numbers just completely random? Surely there can be no pattern, sequence or trend in lottery results.

It is a definite fact that lottery numbers are randomly selected but here is an interesting fact that has been observed on lottery results around the world. Quite simply it is that numbers that appear are often the same numbers that have appeared in recent results on the same lottery!

Someone new to the lottery might think it is better to choose numbers that have not recently appeared. This might seem logical. But as mathematicians and statisticians will tell you, what actually occurs is the opposite to what people expect in gambling. You will probably have greater success in choosing numbers that have been appearing in recent results!

So let us become familiar with some common gambling terms. Hot numbers are the numbers that have been appearing more than the statistical average over a sample of recent results. Cold numbers are those that have not appeared at all.

Most often people will use the cold numbers thinking that they are overdue. Now there is nothing wrong with that approach. Research has shown that these numbers do appear on a regular basis. But it is an amazing fact that you will have more success in using the Hot numbers instead of just using the Cold numbers. Results from lotteries around the world demonstrate this.

So the most effective lottery system then will be one that looks at analyses past results and trends. It would seem logical then that the best strategy would be one that makes use of both Hot and Cold numbers. Please have a look at Lottery System X.

For Swedish speaking visitors, find more information about this subject in Swedish on casinolotteriet.se