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How to Set Up a Lottery Syndicate

How to up a lottery syndicate - some useful advice

Unless you want to spend a fortune every week on lottery tickets, there is no better chance of winning the lottery than being part of a syndicate. Camelot report that two out of three wins are from a syndicate. And you don't have to be a genius to work out that the bigger the entry and the more lines you play the greater your chances of winning. There are many online syndicates that you can join, but here we will give you some advice about a local syndicate with your family and friends etc.

First you must appoint a syndicate manager. He or she must be well organized and trustworthy. The duty of the manager will be to collect the weekly stake money and buy the tickets. The manager will hold the tickers so must be completely honest and reliable!

You will need a syndicate agreement signed and dated by all syndicate members. Syndicate agreements can be downloaded from most of reputable lottery websites. They are useful in that they can stipulate what should happen in a variety of circumstances.

For instance what would happen if a member was late with a payment or misses a payment?
Or in the unfortunate circumstance of a death of one of the members what would happen to their winnings. Would it go to into their estate or should it be distributed among the remaining syndicate members?

How much notice should a member give if they want to leave the syndicate?
What would be the syndicate's policy about publicity in the case of a major win?
Some members might enjoy the publicity while others would want complete anonymity.

All these points should be discussed, agreed upon and written in to the agreement.

You need to agree on the size of your entry, how many lines you are going to play and of course the numbers you will play. To make it simple you would preferably use the same numbers for at least a month or more and give printed copy of all the numbers and lines you are playing to every member. If stake money is collected well in advance you can play the lottery using the appropriate Lottery website. For instance the UK National Lottery website will let you choose your numbers and play for your chosen number of weeks. This reduces the chances of any error or missed entry etc.

There is some work and responsibility in operating your own syndicate. There are also many online syndicates and the reputable ones are regulated by the Lottery Council.

Which ever type of syndicate you join - Good Luck!