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Bets the Bookmakers don't like. Now revealed by an ex bookmaker:-

  • The phenomenal Singles bet where you only need one winner at 1-3 from two matches to make a profit.
  • The doubles and trebles bets are very cunning indeed
  • The 7 match Banker Bet can yield massive wins
  • The Home Win TV Banker Bets uses an ingenious professional staking plan
  • The Multiple Hit - covering 6 selections in just 11 bets
  • The Magic 7 - covering 7 selections in 32 bets instead of 112!
  • How to Place a Bet After the Result is Known

Our expert favours football betting because there are only three outcomes, Home win, Away win or Draw. However all these bets can be used with horse racing.

Originally sold at £75, we can supply the full system for only £8.95. It can be downloaded or sent by email as a file attachment. A printed manual can be sent by post for £9.95 (UK only).
Everything is fully explained by the inventor, with sample bets and examples. Very easy to operate.

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The Book of Secret Bets is available at £8.95. or £9.95 forr a printed manual by post.

If you are downloading the file an unlock code will be sent to you, or the manual can be sent to you by post or as an email file attachment.

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