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Hot and Cold Numbers

The Hot and Cold Number effect has been known about since lotteries began.

There are many Lottery systems based upon it. Some are better than others.

Many books have been written on the subject of Hot and Cold Number Theory. We have studied most of them!
Lottery Author and Researcher Gail Howard has written some of the best books on the subject.

Our System X software easily identifies the Hot and Cold numbers for you. It makes it very easy for you to use the short term trends of frequency occurrence and in a very powerful but inexpensive way.

The Software will predict future results based on these Hot and Cold Numbers. It produces lines that can then be used in some very powerful but cost effective plans. These plans have been constructed by a unique program that removes any duplicate or inefficient lines in a plan, leaving small and very effective plans. The smallest is just 4 lines.

This 4 line plan lets you choose 15 numbers and if you have 6 correct anywhere in the 15 you are guaranteed at least one winning line of 3 numbers and with a chance of getting 4 or more correct!

Yes it takes just 4 lines and will guarantee you at least 3 correct if you have 6 anywhere in the 15 numbers!

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