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The Classic system has a long history of success every season. A big profit from a small number of bets The Steady Flow System

Steady Flow - The Outsider

This system offers the prospect of spectacular profits. Finding such a system was not easy. A method which guarantees an outstanding chance of big profits for a small outlay is rare indeed. It comes from an elderly gentleman who is an old hand at the game. The very reverse of a mug punter. Someone who studies hard, bets hard and finishes every season with a good profit.

The system backs certain 6 yr olds. After reaching their fifth year, most horses, as far as racing is concerned, have seen their best days. They are not kept in training. There can only be one reason why 6 yr olds are kept in training. The connections believe they will win races. This system identifies those 6 yr olds worth backing.

The old gentleman was so enthusiastic about his system that we have checked it thoroughly. He was right. Through a full season it produces a harvest of winners at long prices from a relatively small number of selections. It gives a big Level Stake Profit. Whenever possible, qualifiers should be grouped together in doubles and trebles, the traditional key to the bookmakers safe.

The method produces a stream of long priced winners, with the prospect of landing the occasional big double and even treble. Simple to operate, from any morning paper. It can be used on all UK Flat Racing.

We can supply the full system for just £6.95

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